21 - 22 October

Dock Pullman

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About the organisers

FCTM is organised by the french Syndicat de la Chaudronnerie, Tuyauterie et Maintenance Industrielle and Infopro Digital.

The mission of the french Syndicat de la Chaudronnerie, Tuyauterie et Maintenance Industrielle is to:

  • Defend and promote the Sector. Through its various actions, the SNCT brings added value to the Companies it represents. It strengthens their status and influence nationally and internationally.
  • Build a network to work together: Professional Sections and Committees (corporate affairs, training, …).
  • Provide advice: the SNCT helps member companies fi nd solutions regarding their subjects of concern.
  • Anticipate and be fully informed of any technical developments: benefitting from more than 70 years of experience, the SNCT is still currently developing Construction and CTM Codes.
  • Provide technical training on Construction and CTM Codes.
  • Contribute to the social development of Businesses with its Corporate Affairs Committee that keeps members up to date on current news and latest developments.
  • Co-ordinate a region-based network via 7 geographical zones.
Infopro Digital is the leading player in business-to-business information and services in France. It covers many key fields of the economy: distribution, public works & civil engineering, automotive companies, industry,insurance and finance, local authorities.
Infopro Digital offers its customers and clients multi-media solutions (software products, tradeshows, databases, digital solutions, lead-generation platforms, media, events and training) to:

  • Improve their efficiency and productivity,
  • Make informed decisions faster with better insight on a daily basis,
  • Increase revenue by generating new business opportunities.

Infopro Digital publishes leading magazines: Pétrole et Gaz, Info Chimie, Industrie Pharma, L’Usine Nouvelle,
Emballages Magazine, Industrie et Technologies, Le Moniteur… amounting to 1.5 million regular readers.
Infopro Digital also organises over 200 events for the professional communities it serves: industries, automotive, aerospace, coating, chemicals, packaging…